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Extended Product Responsibility

What is EPR

Extended producer responsibility (EPR) is an effective resource management tool whereby producers take responsibility for the end-to-end management of their used and end-of-life ​products. This can include the collection, sorting and disposal of these products for recycling and reuse.

What is EPR

The legislative framework for the development of EPR at the European Union level is composed of both general waste legislation (2008/98/EC) , and specific directives framing the recovery and recycling of specific waste streams (packaging, waste electrical and electronic equipment,batteries and accumulators, end-of-life vehicles etc). 

EPR Global

EPR is not the name of a regulation, but a regulatory framework. Therefore,  for EPR, France has regulations on EEE, packaging, batteries, printing paper, furniture, textiles, tires, and Germany has regulations on WEEE, packaging law, battery law. 

Ecommerce and EPR

Starting in 2022, if you sell in France and/or Germany, Amazon will be obliged to confirm that you are EPR compliant in the country you sell. Amazon will therefore collect and validate your EPR registration number(s).  

Retrieve EPR Certification Validation

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Individual Seller

Sellers need to provide publicly accessible information for the EPR registration of the products on the own webshop.


The manufacturer is obliged to contact the relevant Producer Responsibility Organisation (PRO) for each EPR classification of the products in order to obtain an EPR registration number.

Seller at Ecommerce Marketplace

Sellers who are not producers will need to obtain the applicable EPR registration number from their upstream supplier and provide the EPR registration number of the relevant products to the e-commerce marketplace as proof of compliance.

Our Offering

EPR4U, your Digital EPR solutions specialist, one-stop compliance for major European e-commerce markets.

EPR in France

Seven Major Categories

Electric and Electronic Equipment (EEE) 

EPR in Germany

WEEE Germany 
Batterie DE 
Verpackung DE


Batterie UK Schemes Packaging UK 

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Additional Services

- European Authorised Representative/ UK Authorised Representative
- Provision of DOC files

Online Processes

- ​Automated system
- Online registration
- Online declaration

Value Added Services

- ​Online validity check
- Compliance Platform Complaint Guide/Template
- Supporting documentation for registration number